High School: Lettered in football and track at Cardinal Ritter College Prep .... Played football for coach Rolando Merriweather .... Invited to play in the St. Louis All-Star Game following his senior year .... Named all-conference .... Offensive Player Of The Year and was also named all-conference as a defensive back .... Recorded 12 touchdowns and 989 total yards .... Posted 75 tackles on defense.


Personal: Born Jonathan Matthew Henderson on May 25, 1996 to Byron and Roslyn Henderson in St. Louis, Mo ... Will major in Recreation and Sports Management.




1.       What made you choose ISU?


I chose Indiana State University because I feel ISU is a good fit for me.  It has the major that I plan to study, Sports Management.  The campus facilities are great; the student center is awesome!  Also the football program is better than any of the other programs that I visited.


2.       How influential was Coach Perkins in your decision to come to ISU?


Coach Perk was very influential in my decision to come to ISU.  He made me feel comfortable every time I met with him and was honest with me from the very beginning.


3.       What leadership qualities will you bring with you to ISU?


Some great leadership qualities I will bring to ISU are commitment, confidence, and a positive attitude


4.       What do you plan to major in?


The major I plan to study at ISU is Sports Management.


5.       What are your career plans after football?


After college I have a plan A and a plan B.  My plan A is to play professional football for a NFL team and my plan B is to be a Sports Agent


6.       What about Coach Sanford and the rest of the coaching staff attracted you to this program?


Coach Sanford and the rest of the ISU coaching staff attracted me by giving me a great welcome on my visit, and making me feel like I was at home


7.       What about the program as a whole are you most excited about?


What I am most excited about the program as a whole is establishing a relationship with my teammates and winning a championship.


8.       How will your skill set impact this team?


My skill set will impact this team by me helping build the team and contribute in winning a championship.


9.       What excited you the most about playing in the Missouri Valley Conference?


What excites me most about playing in the Missouri Valley Conference is challenge of competing at a D1 level against the most competitive teams that are in our conference


10.   Who is the most influential person in your life and why?


The most influential person in my life is my older brother Jordon. He keeps me motivated to work hard and to never give up on my goals and dreams


11.   What athlete do you look up to the most and why?


An athlete that I look up to is Richard Sherman from the Seattle Seahawks. I look up to him because he is a competitor and is ambitious. He doesn’t want to just be good he strives to be great and that is what I am striving for.


12.   If you had to compare you playing style to one NFL player who would it be and why?


A NFL player I would compare my style to would be Janoris Jenkins. He is humble and very talented. I see myself playing similar to him.


13.   If you were marooned on a deserted island and were only allowed to bring three items what would they be?


If I were isolated on a deserted island by myself and could only bring three items with me it would be food supply, fresh water supply, and a knife.


14.   What’s one place in the world you have to see in your lifetime?


One place in the world I would have to see in my lifetime would be the Grand Canyon.


15.   Favorite non-football hobby?


My favorite non-football hobby is running track and playing basketball.


16.   Favorite meal?


My favorite meal is hamburger helper.


17.   Favorite restaurant?


My favorite restaurant is Ihop


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