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Courtesy: ISU Athletics
Thoughtful Thursdays With The ISU Volleyball Team
Courtesy:ISU Athletics

Each Thursday a different member of the ISU volleyball team will provide insight into the team and what's going on both on and off the court. The final edition is by current senior Morgan Dall and junior Molly Murphy.


Nov. 14


Since this is the last week of the 2012 season we didn't want to leave anyone out on the thoughtful Thursday! Therefore, Molly and I decided to combine ours for the week. Hope you enjoy!


Hi there! My name is Morgan Dall and I am an outside hitter for the ISU Volleyball team. To tell you a little about myself, I grew up in a small town in southern Illinois on a dairy farm run by my Grandpa Dall, Dad, Mom, and now my brother.  A few of my favorite things outside of volleyball are spending time with my family, going 4-wheeling and being outdoors,  listening to my favorite country artists Jake Owen, Tim McGraw, and Jason Aldean, buying tennis shoes and fun hats, and dancing with my roommates whenever we feel like it!  I have three siblings; my older sister Hillary, older brother Clinton, and younger sister Lydia. People have told me I seem shy when you first meet me, but once you get to know me that all changes for the best. 


As you may already know, my season hasn't gone as planned due to a foot injury I obtained during the first set against Butler University back in August. Since then, I've been doing my best to keep the team motivated.  As for me, sitting on the sidelines watching my team compete in what was supposed to be my senior season, was a difficult experience but a learning one as well.


As we head into the final week of the 2012 season, my thoughts are going to my classmates, Shea and Christie, as their journey as a Sycamore volleyball player comes to an end. The road we have traveled together the past four years has had its bumps from time to time, but the great memories we have made will not be overlooked. I want to congratulate Shea and Christie on all that they have done for our team and our program. I am sad to know I will not be joining them on Saturday night for their final battle as Sycamores, but I am certainly thankful for being able to have them as my teammates the past four years.


Now lets go out and make this weekend a memorable one for the seniors!



Morgan Dall #25


Hello! It is finally time for me to introduce myself. My name is Molly Murphy and I am a junior outside hitter on the volleyball team this year. This is my third season as a Sycamore, and I cannot believe that we are getting ready for our final conference weekend. For those of you who do not know a lot about me, I am from Chicago and I come from a very supportive and athletic family. Both of my parents are my main supporters. They try and attend as many of my games as possible and when they are not able to make it; they anxiously watch the live stats on the computer. I know that without them, I would not be the person or the athlete that I am today. I also have three older brothers who have served as amazing role models for me both on and off the court, and a devoted younger sister whose love for the game of volleyball inspires me every day. I am extremely thankful for my incredible family, as they are the reason I continue to work hard and strive to be the best I can be.


I have my family at home, but then I also have my family at school. My teammates are some of the greatest girls I have ever met. They are extremely hard working, determined, and strong both in volleyball and in life. Having these girls as teammates makes the hard times during season, easier and the good times that much more meaningful and memorable. Although our season has not turned out the way we had hoped, we have stuck together and learned a lot which will only help us as a whole in the future. With our 2012 season coming to a close this weekend, I am proud and thankful to have called these girls my teammates.


Lastly, I wanted to take the time to thank our two seniors this year. Congratulations to Christie Fullenkamp and Shea Doran for all their dedication and achievements these past four seasons. This weekend, we celebrate the two of you for how hard you have worked during your volleyball years. These two girls are not only two of my inspiring teammates, but also two of my best friends and sisters. We are all very sad to have this weekend mark the last time we will play a competition with Christie and Shea out there on the court with us, but we know that once a Sycamore, always a Sycamore. Come out and support us this weekend as we conclude our 2012 volleyball season!



Molly Murphy

Junior Outside Hitter




Nov. 8


Hello, my name is Ashlen Buck and I am one of the seven freshmen volleyball players at Indiana State University! I am from Brazil, Indiana, which is about thirty miles from campus. My position and role to play on ISU's volleyball team is the libero, and many of you probably recognize this position with seeing the "girl in the different colored jersey". I have played volleyball since I was in second grade, and have always loved it from the start. It was the one sport I have always kept a solid passion for throughout the years of my sports career.

I come from a very supportive family that mean the world to me! Without them I would not be where I am today. My parents, Tony and Denise, have always been there for me through everything I have ever done. There is not one time I can think of where they have not been. I also have a little brother, Clayton, who is in the 7th grade this year. He has always been a dedicated fan throughout my volleyball life and has been dragged around to basically every volleyball event I was in since he was little. The biggest thing my family has taught me is to stay strong in my values and my faith throughout my sport, and that is the number one reason I have been able to pursue in volleyball all of these years. I am very grateful for my opportunity and ability that I have been given to make it as far as I have.

Choosing Indiana State University was kind of an easy decision. I remember coming here for a camp in the summer of 2010 and after that I really wanted to try and come here. I really enjoyed the coaches and the upperclassmen that I met. When I started talking to Coach Dahl we planned a visit. From the first visit I was pretty set on coming here. I still wanted to look around after my visit here, but I knew in the back of my mind that I thought it was a good fit for me. I liked the size of the school and I felt like I could receive a good education here as well. Being close to home was also very important to me and going to ISU has been the perfect location for that. I am very happy that I made the decision to come to ISU.

Although this year's record has not been what we would have liked, it does not show for all of the hours and hard work our team and our coaches have put into this year. The unique characteristic about our team is the bond we have with each other. All of the freshmen, including myself, have really been welcomed onto the team in a positive way. We have been able to learn our roles and expectations by having great upperclassmen to look up to. We will definitely miss them when they are gone! This year, being a freshman, volleyball has helped me learn a lot from the game, the new college experience, and these wonderful ladies I love so much that I call my team!


Ashlen Buck

Freshman Libero



Nov. 1


What up what up my Sycamore volleyball fans!? It's your girl Courtney Stephenson. So, you want to know why I chose ISU! Okay here it is....


I was going to come here originally and playing volleyball is just the icing on the cake. My sister, Amy, currently goes here and is a nursing major. It has been really helpful with her being here. She will stay up late with me trying to study for a test. I was really excited to get the opportunity to play here because I am the first one in my family to play a Division 1 sport.  My dad played at IUPUI, but when he played it was not Division 1. He played baseball and basketball; he has pushed me to try my best in every sport. My mom has been the biggest fan of all, she has been there through it all.


I have learned that you really need to manage your time. Traveling is really fun but you have to be really careful because you do not want to miss anything. The long trips are funny especially watching The Hunger Games and we all kissed our three fingers and just started busting out laughing. The girls I play with are so much fun and have made this year that much better. I am so glad I chose to come here and am having fun. Come watch us play Wichita State and Missouri State this weekend.



Courtney Stephenson





Oct. 25


Hello everyone!!  It is finally my turn to introduce myself.  My name is Erika Nord and I too am one of the seven freshmen that are a part of the Indiana State Volleyball team this year.  I am from Kalamazoo Michigan and even though ISU is four hours from home, I am so happy that I made the decision to come here!  I am a setter and I have been involved in volleyball as long as I can remember. 


My family is a big volleyball family.  My mom and my aunt both played volleyball in college and my dad is a fan of the sport as well, so ever since I was little I would practice in the backyard with my mom and as soon as I was old enough to play club I couldn't wait to be a part of a team.  My family has always been very supportive in everything I do and they are the reason I am where I am today.  I knew that I wanted to play college volleyball and my parents did what they needed to in order to help me reach that goal, always taking me to practices and sacrificing their weekends to travel where ever we were playing.  I would be lost if I wasn't playing volleyball and I think my parents would be a little bit too, since they have been to just about every match this year.


Making the decision to come to Indiana State for volleyball was a pretty easy choice.  After meeting the coaches for the first time and some of the upperclassmen, I knew that I would really enjoy it here.  One thing about being a part of a team that is really important to me is that the team feels like your family.  I think this team definitely fits my expectations.  When I first came over the summer to start working out with the girls, we bonded immediately.  On a lot of teams the freshmen get picked on because they are the newbies and don't know the ropes yet, but the upperclassmen have been great to all of us.  We are already like a family and we have so much fun together, on and off the court.  The other freshmen and I love all of the girls and we are sad that the seniors are going to be leaving after this year. 


Even though we may have a losing record, I don't regret making the decision to come play volleyball at ISU.  I enjoy campus, I love volleyball, and I love my team!  I am looking forward to the rest of my time here and I am proud to be a Sycamore!



Erika Nord

Freshman setter




October 18


Hi Indiana State Fans! My name is Victoria Swigart and I am a freshman on the ISU Volleyball Team. I have played volleyball or have been around volleyball for as long as I can remember. I remember going to my brother’s volleyball games when I was in 3rd and 4th grade and being so shocked at how hard they hit the ball. I wanted to be just like my brother. I’m really lucky I have someone like him in my life. He has pushed me from day one whether we were in the gym or out in the backyard with our own volleyball net. I’m really grateful he pushed me all of these years because I don’t think I would be sitting here writing this if he hadn’t. He helped me realize why I love waking up every morning and going into the gym and playing the sport that I love.


I am proud to say that I have developed my own self-motivation from perseverance. I think that being a student-athlete for 4+ years has helped me prepare for my future here at ISU and so far I think I am doing alright. It helps having a close team. Not many teams can say they have the kinds of relationships they thought they would have during their college careers. I never realized how different it would be to play with girls more experienced with volleyball, let alone girls that are three to four years older than I am. I must say that they do a great job at holding us accountable on and off the court. I am really going to miss the seniors next year.


 I am really happy I chose to sign to ISU last spring because I knew it was one of the best decisions I could make. It is very rare to come across a school with a great environment, great athletics, and faculty that honestly care. I consider this my new home and I am proud to be a tree! Let’s Go State!



Victoria Swigart

Freshman OH/RS




October 11

Hello all! My name is Leah Painter and as you know I am one of the whopping seven freshmen on the team.  Let me just start by saying that it has been a true blessing to come and play volleyball here and I can’t praise God enough for it. As most of you know, I am one of ten. I have five older brothers, two younger brothers, and two younger sisters. I am a big family girl and I knew in coming here that it was going to be an adjustment, but that’s beside the point. Let me talk a little bit about how I got here.

As I entered my senior year in high school I had almost had it figured that I didn’t want anything to do with volleyball after my “last” season. I had a coach who was very negative and that took a toll on most of my team last year. It was almost as if my fiery passion for volleyball was extinguished.  I know you are not supposed to blame coaches for things, but I do believe there are exceptions. Anyways, it was January when I touched a volleyball again and it was during a club practice. I remember the only reason I went to that practice was because my mom forced me to go, she knew I loved volleyball more than anything and failed to believe that I was done for the rest of my life. Ever since I walked onto the court as a 11 year old 5th grade volleyball player it  just came so natural to me. After that practice it had me thinking, I knew I didn’t want it to be over. So I was on the hunt to go play somewhere, I went on several visits but none suited me. I have an older brother here at ISU who plays football and I can distinctly remember when he committed here, that I wanted to come here too. I also have another older brother who is here as a regular student. My junior year I emailed Coach and told her who I was. She emailed me back and said that she had no scholarships left for the 2012 season. I was crushed. I never gave up though. I emailed her back my senior year when all the other college visits were unsuccessful. She knew how persistent I was in coming here and said there was a spot open. I immediately accepted that spot on the team. One of the best decisions of my life.

I’ve learned the ropes to being a Sycamore. To be a Sycamore you have to be dedicated in everything you do. Working hard becomes a second nature for you. Coaches basically give you the mindset of “you will get out of it what you put into it”, which can’t be a more true statement. Having the label of being a “Sycamore” is technically your job title. You have to show up for work every day and you have to get better every day just like you would in the real world. Being a Sycamore, we stand tall, we don’t go down without a fight, we push each other to always give 100%, we hold each other accountable, and we always show determination and perseverance.

I am a Sycamore and I am working to my greatest ability to be the best that I can be. So in the end, I can tell everyone that I worked my hardest and will never have regrets in life. I’ve worked hard to get here so far and I’m going to keep plugging away at my every day duties to be successful. To play a sport at the collegiate level is not something that is just given to you, you have to strive for it and you have to really want it. If you don’t really want it then maybe this is not something you need to really work towards, because if you don’t try and aren’t willing to give your all then you’re wasting your time. As for me, I am going to continue to have this mindset because I want to be successful in life. After all, I am a Sycamore and we stand tall.





Leah Painter

Freshman Outside Hitter




October 4


Well, here I am! I'll start with the generic introduction. My name is Emily Barber and I am a freshman here at Indiana State. I am from a smaller town north of Indianapolis called Zionsville. In Zionsville, there are two big things, football and Corvettes. Although, my family wasn't big on either of those things. I live with my mom and I have three sisters; Lindsey, Stephanie, and Meredith. Some of you may know Lindsey because she played volleyball here last year. And just for the record, my mom, Dawn, is the best person ever.


Anyways, back to Indiana State! The campus here is absolutely beautiful. The architecture is surprisingly pretty and right now, all the changing leaves on the trees, especially the Sycamore trees, are remarkably stunning. It is such a weird feeling to say that I am in college. I already feel old and I'm only 18. With that being said, it's crazy that we're already halfway through the season. Time flies when you're having fun! So far this season has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience. All the upperclassmen are very supportive and great teachers but they're also some of the funniest people I have ever met. Listening to all the girls sing and make up songs in the locker room provides endless entertainment for the rest of the team. I have only known these girls for a few months but I already feel like I have known them all my life. It will be so sad to see the upperclassmen, Shea and Christie, go.


Outside of the locker room we have fun too. Our whole team is like a giant family consisting of thirteen girls and four parents. Our "parents", being the coaches, are great replacement guardians. They feed us all the time, buy us clothes, and take us on long road trips, like the one were about to go on this weekend. For those of you who don't know, we're traveling to Missouri State and Wichita State this coming weekend and it's going to be a great weekend! Aside from all the sleeping, reading, and relaxing we get to do on the bus, we get to go kick some butt and get some conference wins! Wish us luck on the road! And good luck to the ISU football team at the homecoming game this weekend! Go big blue, fight big blue, go State win!


It's a great day to be a Sycamore!


Emily Barber

Freshman Middle Blocker



September 28


There have been some great Thoughtful Thursdays so far and I find myself lost for words on what to say, which doesn’t happen often. Perhaps a little intro on who I am to start things rolling. My name is Christie Fullenkamp but a lot of people call me Kamp thanks to my lovely long German name. I’m a senior outside hitter from a tiny town, well it’s not a town even it’s a village, in Ohio. My house is surrounded by corn and bean fields, I like country music, and no that does not make me a redneck.  I’m too sarcastic and it takes people a few months to get used to it, and for that I’m sorry, although, when meeting the new freshmen, Shea and Morgan are quick to mention this little fact to everyone.  I will have to agree wholeheartedly with Shea when she said she can’t believe it is our senior year. It’s such an eerie, exciting, nauseous feeling. It’s eerie in the fact that I never thought I would be a senior so fast! It sneaks up on you. It’s exciting because you realize that you are a part of such an amazing group of girls who are all playing for the same thing you are and it’s nauseous when you think what the heck am I going to do when I’m done! I started little league t-ball in diapers and progressed to softball, basketball, volleyball, club volleyball, and even AAU basketball in high school and volleyball right through college. I have no other life! Yes, being a nursing major might be a tad easier once done but it will be a sad day when that is all I have. So let’s not worry about that because we have a great season left of some Sycamore volleyball!


Our goal this weekend is of course a ISUVB win over Illinois State Friday but also we want to start packing the stands with family and fans. The admission is FREE people!! YES FREE!!!! Let’s get as many people as we can to this game and the rest of our home games!! We have made flyers and hung them up all over campus and we would love nothing more than for you to come to our games and cheer us on. We accept any form of cheering as long as no one goes home crying or fighting. No one has ever been kicked out of a game for cheering too much…. Let’s see if we can change that this year. So everyone come to the arena, bring all your friends, and cheer us on to a victory!



Christie Fullenkamp

Senior Outside Hitter




September 20

Hello. My name is Cassandra Willis and I play volleyball for Indiana State University. I am clearly awful at introductions because that sentence probably made all of you reading this a bit nauseous. I apologize.

Anyways, most of you probably don’t know much about me, since I am only a freshman. You should know a couple things:

1.     When I don’t know what to say, I usually laugh an awkward little chuckle.

2.     My most listened-to stations on Pandora are Disney radio, Hunter Hayes radio, and Jonas Brothers radio.

3.     I am six foot two with brown eyes and hair that’s the color of a groundhog.

4.     I think it should be illegal to make sequels to original Disney movies. Aladdin 2? I don’t think so.

5.     I am from a small school in a town known for its grapes.

6.     I have two best friends: Lauren, who runs for the University of Michigan, and Kate, who is a senior in high school. I miss them!

7.     I love Twitter.

8.     I am the slowest walker you will ever meet.

9.     When I was in preschool, I wanted to be a ladybug when I grew up. So far, it hasn’t worked out.

10.  I love fashion and owls and elephants and DIY projects and when candy turns your mouth a different color.

11.  If there was one thing I could eliminate from the world, it would be negativity. Or debating. I have a problem with both. There are better ways to solve problems, you know?


Other than those very interesting facts, I am a regular college student-athlete. I procrastinate I practically live in the arena. I drink muscle milk and take naps like it’s my job. I am sore ninety percent of the time. I never take the stairs. I eat like an 800 pound man. I never have any motivation to clean, so I don’t. I don’t drink enough water. I text while I walk, which usually ends up with me running into bike racks and pillars and walls—it happens more than it should. I’m not proud of it.


I love volleyball. I love the weights, I love the conditioning, and most importantly I love my teammates. On top of being complete babes, they are probably the funniest people you will ever meet in your life. Like ever. I would not trade them for the world. Sometimes I wonder how I lived 18 years without knowing them. And sometimes I don’t know if my stomach is getting stronger because of four minute core or because I am laughing so hard every day. It’s really a toss-up, but I’m expecting a six pack by the end of this year.


Indiana State was my first and only visit. I committed to the school about a week afterward. Honestly, I was worried that I had chosen too quickly. There were so many schools and I bite on the first one? But I don’t regret my decision. Not even a little. I love it here! I love my dorm room, my roommate, and my new friends. The food compared to high school food? No comparison. I can be the complete weirdo that I am and no one even cares. In fact, people join in. And not only am I living in a place that I love and learn about the things that I love, but I get to play the sport that I love. For free. I thank God for that.

It really doesn’t get any better, does it? 


Cassandra Willis,

Freshman MB, #15


September 13


The sweat has fallen from our faces, the calories have been burned, the sprints have been run, and finally, after a million transition drills, it is time. The time has come for us to show the rest of the Missouri Valley what Indiana State’s volleyball team is made of this year. This Friday marks the start of the 2012 conference season, and what better way to go into it than a victory against Chicago State last weekend to boost our confidence. Following that 3-0 sweep, we had a productive and great week of practice to lead up to this Friday night. Moreover, we’ve prepared ourselves and we are more ready than ever! We’ll begin our exciting journey through the conference season with a road trip to Southern Illinois University, followed by a match against Evansville on Saturday night. My 12 teammates and I have done our homework, accomplished a solid week of practice, and have prepared our freshmen, as well as the rest of us, for what is to come. Also, our coaches have done their duties by giving us a taste of the Salukis in practice play and by telling us what will gain us a return berth in the Conference Tournament. It’s time to put our conference game faces on, and it’s FINALLY time to flaunt what this year’s Sycamore volleyball team has to offer.


However, bringing to the table what our team has to offer and showing off our talent is easier said than done. As Coach Dahl always says, “Every Friday and Saturday night is a dog fight in The Valley”, and I strongly believe that any returner to this year’s team can vouch to this quote. Each year, the volleyball teams in the Missouri Valley Conference continue to progress and become stronger than the previous season, and Indiana State’s volleyball team is no different. However, as Kyla Thomas stated in the previous blog, “By no means will this be a cake walk”, and this is 100 percent true for any team in our conference. My teammates and I must do more than just try our best. To be successful, each and every one of my 12 sisters, and myself included, must play with the love and passion that we all have for the game. We have to be mentally stable and not only have high confidence, but high energy throughout the entire match in order to come out on top. Each and every player on this team has a different way of becoming mentally prepared and focused for game time. For example, my way of preparing for each game is by hearing a pep talk or a little motivational speech from my parents as well as one of my 5 siblings, more times than not it is from my big sister, Abby. These pep talks kick my butt into gear and definitely get me fired up. Whatever the case may be, each of us girls has our own way of preparing to play the game we love.


I know that we have a long road ahead of us, but I feel this starting match-up against the Salukis of Southern Illinois is one of the best ways to initiate our journey. It may be nerve-wracking at the beginning, especially for our freshmen, but EVERY single teammate of mine is motivated, excited, and more than ready to start this conference season. We know what has to be done in order to succeed and we know what bones need to be thrown in order to come out on top in this ‘dog fight’. So, like I said before, whether you’re ready or not, here we come sycamore fans!


Loni Mackinson

Junior Setter, #21



September 6


Up until the start of this season, I compared being a sophomore to being 19 years old. Just like 19 is that awkward age between the much anticipated ages 18 and 20, I expected my sophomore year to be that awkward year between being a “newbie” and an “upperclassman”.  


When preseason started, I quickly realized my role would be slightly different than I had previously thought. I came into this season thinking of myself as student, but I quickly realized I would have to be more of a teacher’s assistant. Regardless of how young I thought I was, I had already been through a whole year of collegiate volleyball and needed to be somewhat of an example for our freshmen. This was a different level of accountability than I had experienced last year. Suddenly, there was a little more on my plate and it was time to take my development to the next level.


Our team is young; we have six returners and seven freshmen. (Yes, returners are outnumbered by freshmen.) Technically, I am not an upperclassman but sometimes I sure do feel like one.


This past summer, I spoke to the 2012 committed athletes about my experiences of freshman year. I could not reiterate enough how instrumental my teammates have been in making this experience so wonderful. I don’t have any biological sisters but I always wanted at least one. My teammates are the sisters I’ve always wanted. They are a group of the most beautiful, hardworking young women and we all bring out the weirdest things in each other. I have the best teammates in the world and I love them all to pieces.


After making it to the MVC Tournament last season, we were still ranked 8th in the MVC Pre-Season Coaches Poll. Granted, some of the reason could be because we only have six girls returning from our team of 15 last year. This will just give us more motivation to make it to the conference tournament again this year.

By no means will this season be a cake walk, but we have the talent and work ethic and are fighting everyday to prove our doubters wrong. We are a strong, talented, hardworking, and persevering program! We are Sycamores and will continue to stand tall! This will be the best season yet! Stay tuned!



Kyla Thomas,

Sophomore MB, #5



August 30


They say that time flies - and I never really thought that was true until I introduced myself as a senior for the very first time. I’m a senior in college, but it’s even crazier that I’m in my final season of collegiate volleyball. It doesn’t seem possible, especially looking back on all the things that we’ve been through.  It’s a feeling that is indescribable to anyone who isn’t an athlete. The feeling that every time you step on the court, it's one of the last times you will ever get to do so in that uniform. With it comes a string of “lasts.” The “last” preseason. The “last” first match of the year. The “last” bus ride to Wichita (which yes, I will miss). It’s little things like this that the fans don’t see. In the stands watching us play, you only get a limited view into our lives as Indiana State Volleyball players. A small glimpse of who our team is. Well that’s the whole point of this blog. To share with our friends, family, and fans behind the scene things that they would never really get to know. Each week a new player will write a small blog about their thoughts, henceforth known as “Thoughtful Thursday”. Each girl on the team will write one before the season is over, and in doing so, will get to share a bit of our volleyball lives here that makes it so special for us. We hope you enjoy our thoughts. Here are mine.


Being a senior is the weirdest feeling I’ve ever felt. As all athletes know, you spend what feels like your entire life dedicated to your sport. You and your families that is, because we all know how much time parents put into their children’s passion. I never thought that I would be sad when it was the end. Don’t get me wrong, I love this sport with every fiber in my body, but I always thought that when it was over I’d be excited and happy to move onto the next phase of my life. Instead, what has transpired is what I’d call panic mode. It hit me this summer when the entire team got here and I had to introduce myself to the freshman as a senior. A senior. I remember meeting the seniors when I was a freshman and thinking how old they were. How they’d been here for so long and been through so much. Now, in the blink of an eye, it’s suddenly me. I could see the same expression on the faces of my young team mates. They were looking at me in the same way. They were now looking at me like I was old, and had been through so much. And in a way it sounds silly but it’s true.  I’d already been through 3 years of playing volleyball at ISU, and they were just starting.


To those of you who don’t understand how much time that is in the athlete world, let me try to give you a small understanding. What transpires in three years of collegiate athletics is equivalent to (roughly): hundreds of sprints, an uncountable amount of times you’ve uttered the words “ow” and struggled to walk up a flight of stairs without grimacing. Hundreds of stares for walking though campus with ice on your shoulder and back after a practice, running around looking like Quasi Modo. Hundreds of hours spent on a bus with 15 plus females. This all may sound like complaining, but it’s not. Those sprints were run so we would be able to endure in a 5th game, when our legs are starting to tire. Those muscles were sore so that we could put balls away without the other team even getting a touch on it. And those 9, 10, 11 hour bus rides were actually some of the most fun times I’ve ever had in my entire life.


This brings me to here and now. My senior season. On the verge of our home opener this weekend. The “last” home tournament I will ever play in. Panic mode. I only have one more go round at what seemed like an endless volleyball career. Everyone wants to end their career on a good note. But I want to end mine on the best note. I can tell everyone reading this right now that this has already been the most incredible season and we’ve only had 4 games. These girls that I am so blessed to call my teammates, are the funniest, hardest working, most talented, and beautiful people you will ever meet. The chemistry we share on and off the court is a bond that many people aren’t lucky enough to experience. But we have it. And it’s because of that bond that we are going to make this season the best one yet. For many of them they are just beginning their journey here, but for me, as well as Christie and Morgan, this is all we’ve got. It’s not an option. This is it. Here’s to the 2012 Indiana State volleyball season! May it be the best yet!



Shea Doran

Senior, RS/MB



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