Priority Points

The Sycamore Priority Points System is designed to reward and protect our members through the implementation of criteria that recognizes philanthropy, loyalty and affinity to Indiana State University Athletics.

The restructuring of our point system was completed after studying over 50 other collegiate athletics priority points systems including, conference institutions. Input from the Hulman Center Ticket Office staff, Department of Athletics and Sycamore Athletic Fund donors was also considered.



We understand the value of our Priority Points System in the following ways:

A.      The ability to recognize loyal and consistent Sycamore Athletic Fund donors and season ticket holders.

B.      Transparency of action in the process.

C.      To ensure the equitable allocation of high demand items.

D.      Incentive for new and current donors to continuously support and increase their support for Sycamore Athletics.

If you have questions about the Priority Points System, please contact us at 812-514-8451.