Courtesy: ISU Athletics
Athletics Mission Statement
Courtesy:ISU Athletics

The mission of the Indiana State University Intercollegiate Athletic Program is to nurture the spirit of continuing growth and challenging expectations for achievement at all levels of team and individual participation. Consistent with the overall mission statement of our university, we subscribe to the concept of the student-athlete as a whole person, providing opportunity that transforms and enriches the lives of our student-athletes. As a caring and civil community we promote and model the highest standards of scholarship, public service, sportsmanship, teamwork, and citizenship. We seek to recruit, train, educate and graduate first-class student-athletes. Being proud of who and what we are, we support our student-athletes as we celebrate achievement and reward success, in order to foster pride, enthusiasm and commitment among faculty, student-athletes, support staff, administration, alumni, and friends.

Academic Strength
We seek to attract promising student-athletes and therefore have assembled the resources, programs, and personnel necessary to facilitate the intellectual, social and personal growth of all student-athletes. Our academic strength lies in both our liberal and professional programs of study and extensive student-athlete development programs and services.


We set high goals for ourselves and welcome every challenge as an opportunity to build a stronger academic and athletic community through enhanced performance, teamwork, and the development of student-athlete competition goals, measurement of performance, adherence to rules, discipline, hard work, diligence, resilience to return after setbacks and the celebration of achievement.


Consistent with our goal of developing positive character, citizenship, teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership, we commit to the letter and spirit of all rules and regulations of the University and athletic bodies to which we belong. We expect ethical and moral behavior consistent with our highest priority to instruct and develop the individual character and group consciousness of our student-athletes.


Indiana State traditionally has served a diverse student-athlete body; we have served student-athletes of varied backgrounds and ethnicity, intellectual interests and academic readiness. We have taken pride in our commitment to both student-athlete access and student-athlete success. The Intercollegiate Athletics Program has a strong commitment to sustain and build on that tradition.

Gender Equity

We seek to provide a mix of athletic programs that affords ample opportunity for female participation such that female participation in athletics reflects the composition of the Indiana State University student population.

We encourage and support strategies that promote the life-long health and welfare of our student-athletes. Our programs recognize the university obligation to sound coaching principles and commitment to athlete training and conditioning.

We manage our budget in an appropriate fashion and seek to provide resources to assure that our programs are given equitable opportunities in the competitive venues.

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